"I pre-registered for this event, but never got a ticket. Do I need to register again?"

Yes! If you “pre-registered” (meaning you filled out the form that was on our website on or before February 17th) you were notified first when tickets became available. You will still need to fill out the official ticket form that is now on our website if you haven’t already. Your tickets will be available for download after completing the form. A ticket is required for admittance into Riders Field – your ticket will be scanned and you will be given a wristband for entry (and re-entry if you need to exit). Click here for tickets.

"If it’s free, do I really need a ticket?"

Yep, it’s free! But a ticket is required to attend. You’ll need to bring your ticket with you when you come. Your ticket will be scanned and you will be given a wristband. This wristband will allow you to exit and re-enter Riders Field throughout the day. Capacity is limited in the stadium, so we encourage you to get your ticket today! Click here for tickets!

"Can I bring my youth group or friends?"

YES! Please do! You’ll just need to get a ticket for everyone who is coming. You can claim tickets for up to 100 people at a time!

"Do I need to print my ticket before arriving at Riders Field?"

Tickets can either be printed or presented on a mobile device. Your ticket, whether printed or on a mobile device, must include the ticket QR code for scanning. When you arrive at Riders Field, present your ticket at one of the ticket windows (to the right of the entrance gate). Once scanned, you will be given a wristband that will allow you to exit and re-enter Riders Field throughout the day

"Can I exit and re-enter Riders Field?"

Yes! When arriving at Riders Field there’s a few things you will need to do:

  • Go to the ticket window to the right of the entry gate
  • Have your ticket scanned (you will be given a wristband)
  • Put on your wristband

You will show your wristband to the gate security team to gain entry into Riders Field. This wristband will also allow you to exit and re-enter.

"My ticket doesn't have a seat assignment - are there reserved seats?"

All tickets are general admission with all seats and field access open to be claimed on a first-come, first-served basis.

“How can I be more a part of Gen Z For Jesus or help spread the word?”

We’d love for you to get more involved with us! We’re looking for mobilizers and people that wanna plug in and help spread the word! So text the keyword “JOIN” to 833-463-1482 if you wanna get more involved and we’ll hit you up!


"What can I or my group expect to experience at this gathering?"

You can expect hours of engaging worship, fervent prayer, the Gospel being preached, the Bible being read, water baptisms, students getting activated & equipped, the sick being prayed for, prophetic encouragements given, and an overall atmosphere of hunger for God and desire for the Holy Spirit to move.

"Will this event be led by Gen Z youth?"

Yes! It absolutely will be! But it is also led by multiple generations working together. We desire this to be a “spirit of Elijah” moment (Luke 1:17, Malachi 4:5-6) where the hearts of fathers and mothers are turned to the young, and the hearts of the young are turned toward fathers and mothers. So, multi-generations will all be leading this moment together.

"How long does the event last on that day?"

The official schedule has not been announced, but it will be all day Saturday, Sept. 3rd, from mid-morning until night. If you’re planning your travel, we suggest you arrive in Texas by Friday evening.

Plus, leading up to Gen Z For Jesus there will be 3 days and nights of prayer, worship, and gatherings happening in a 3,000 person tent located in the Stadium parking lot! If you can come early, you’ll want to join us in the tent!

"Will there be food available at Riders Field?"

Yes, Riders Field concessions will be open and available for purchase the day of Gen Z For Jesus!

"Can I bring my own food into Riders Field?"

No outside food or beverages are allowed into Riders Field. A plastic refillable water bottle or sealed bottled water may be brought in.

"Can I bring a bag into Riders Field?"

Yes, bags are permitted in Riders Field; however, every bag will be checked prior to entry. No outside food or beverages (besides water) will be permitted.

"Will there be security present at Riders Field?"

Yes, security will be present at Gen Z For Jesus. Both uniformed and plain-clothed security officers will be monitoring the event facilities throughout the day.


"Are you guys Christians?"

YES! We love Jesus! This gathering is all for Him, that gen z would encounter Him and be activated to reach their generation for Him. We believe Jesus is the only way to salvation, His Word (the Bible) is 100% true, and we will be worshipping Him, talking about Him, and talking TO Him all day long on Sept. 3rd.

"Who is Gen Z For Jesus? What ministry is it part of?"

This Gen Z For Jesus gathering is a collaborative effort between One Voice Student Missions, Upperroom, Lou Engle, The Jesus Clubs, and other incredible ministry friends of ours.


"Will there be childcare provided at Gen Z For Jesus?"

No. Gen Z For Jesus is a multi-generation gathering where children, youth, and adults of all ages are welcome to attend; however, no childcare will be provided.

"Are there any hotels in close proximity to Riders Field?"

Yes, a lot! Visit the information page for a list of area hotels – including the walking distance to Riders Field.

"Is there free parking available at Riders Field?"

There are both free and paid parking options within close walking distance of Riders Field.

  • Premium Parking ($15 Car, $50 Bus) is available outside the main gate to Riders Field. Parking passes can be purchased in advance by clicking here.
  • Covered Garage Parking (Price Unknown) is available at the northwest corner of Riders Field.
  • Stonebriar Mall Parking (Free) is available within a short, 5-10 min walk, of Riders Field.

"Will there be merch available for purchase?"

Yes – t-shirts, stickers, water bottles, and hats will be available for purchase at Gen Z For Jesus. Profits from sales will be used to help fund future ministry programming.

  • T-Shirts ($25-30)
  • Hats ($20)
  • Stickers ($2)


"I have a question about BAGS PARKING SPEAKERS HOTELS "



Tickets are FREE and REQUIRED for entrance

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